UpZeit manages IT from a business perspective.

We provide operational business management support to enable profitable and productive application of Information Technology for business. Many small and medium sized businesses do not have the budget for a full-time Chief Information Officer. They often find that technology seems to work against them instead of for them.

UpZeit specializes in bridging the gap between business management and Information Technology. This is achieved by listening to our client’s goals, learning their current processes, determining appropriate options, and developing an action plan for implementation. By merging technological know-how with strategic business acumen our clients reap the rewards of technology as an enabler, rather than a constraint.

Our only partners are our clients.

UpZeit does not partner with any vendors. We believe vendor partnerships influence decisions to push solutions on clients which may not be the best fit for their needs. By not engaging in these partnerships, UpZeit provides an unbiased solution matched to the needs of their client’s business. UpZeit negotiates contracts with vendors of IT outsourcing, hardware, software, and communications to ensure their clients are getting what they need and at a fair price.

Whether our clients have their own IT staff or outsourced contractors, UpZeit provides:

  • Project Management
  • Provider Sourcing and Placement
  • Requirements Definition
  • Technology Assessment
  • Vendor Negotiations/Management
  • IT Cost/Benefit Analysis

What is Information Technology’s Place?

In Your Control
Yes, YOUR control. Not a consultant selling themselves a job. Not a reseller pushing a product. Not a rogue department acting as a gatekeeper to information.

In Use as a Tool
Information Technology as a whole should be viewed as a tool used to conduct business, not as a required operating expense.

Providing GOOD Information
Ensuring that the proper metrics are being provided to support operations towards YOUR vision and goals.

In Search of Revenue
In many cases, opportunities exist for companies to leverage existing or new technologies in innovative ways to generate additional avenues of revenue.

Up and Running
Obviously, down time results in lost revenue in more ways than one.